The Best Dog Ever just ate my laptop powercord...

yep, I was sitting right here, too. She wanted to play... I wanted to finish weeding-out my inbox. She won. Sort of. She certainly got my attention! Just three little pin-sharp-baby-teeth holes in my precious power cord, I caught her in the act... gave her a meaningful "NO!" but it was too late, tried electrical tape, nope, not gonna work. Hiked it over to Best Buy to assess the damages... an hour and $140.00 later and I'm back in business, blogging The Best Dog Ever!!! Funny thing is that I wasn't even slightly mad at her, she is just too darn cute, besides... it wasn't her fault, she's just a babe! I'm just thanking God that she's okay and didn't bite down so hard that she electrocuted her whopping 6 pound, 9 ounce, perfect little self! (whew!) Needless to say, the new power cord, and a few others that were within her reach, are now safely tucked away. Besides "killing" a paper towel yesterday morning, this was Miss Daisy's first "no-no". It might have to do with the fact that she has about 30 or so toys and chewies, not to mention the three cats, three children and ME!!! Enough about that already, time to go for a walk!


  1. Love it! Never enough chew toys right??? Give a giant hug to the power cord chewer!

  2. vk~


    This is hysterical!
    I am laughing so hard at this beautifully written post about your laptop power cord being a puppy snack!
    I am delighted to have found your site about the stunning puppy named Miss Daisy!
    She is a real looker!!!
    And I would not be mad either...that would be impossible !
    funny funny story! thanks for sharing!